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It’s fast. It’s fun.

It looks just like you.

In black and white, it takes just 3-4 minutes per person; in full color, about 7 minutes.

How is that possible? After 23 years of doing this professionally I’m quick on the draw. My work must be good, because people throw their heads back and laugh out loud when they see the picture.

I never offend. That’s why I chat a little, to find out what kind of humor is appropriate at this particular event and for this particular person. This is important.


Be sure to check out the Videos to see how fast the drawings go. The speed is a big part of the enjoyment


I’m there to make your guests happy…so that you will get the credit for planning this great party. People stand around and watch over my shoulder as I draw. I love it. They give me ideas about what to do next. It’s an ice-breaker, creates a party atmosphere by itself. Then they go home and frame it. It makes your party memorable. It really is all about YOU and it ’s about looking good.

Very reasonable: $130/hr.

Call or email today or contact me here.

EMAIL: katherinehilden@gmail.com

PHONE: 847-475-2954



See for yourself how fast these drawings happen. People are always amazed at both the likeness and the speed. And the humor! Select Video in the menue, above.

Perfect for a family party.

Birthday Party
Graduation Party
Family Reunion
Block Party

Or a corporate event.

Trade Show
Company Picnic
Award Dinner
End-of-the-year Party
Open House
Office Party


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